General Admission


___, Digital Advertising


General Admission is a fashion brand housed in a historic building in Venice Beach, CA, founded by Gavin Dogan and pro surfer Dooma Fahrenfort. Their brand has a growing reputation in California, and they’ve developed an expanded clothing line celebrating the West Coast lifestyle.


In the fall of 2017, General Admission came to Use All Five after producing a new line of menswear infused with West Coast style, with the ambition to expand beyond their local market.


I targeted the local Southern California area on Facebook and Instagram, and introduced the brand to like-minded users across the US and several international markets. Those newly introduced to the brand attitude and content were remarketed with performance ads on Facebook and Instagram, and captured on Google Adwords search.


After 3 months

Revenue increased by 20.39%

Revenue from new users increased by 53.49%

Digital advertising became the top driver of ecomm revenue

Sessions from targeted international countries increased by an average of 167.5%