Supra Footwear


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Supra Footwear is an international footwear and fashion brand co-founded by pro-skater Chad Muska in 2006. They introduced the popular hightops Skytop and Vaider, as well as the Hammer and Stacks skate shoes and the Hammer Run casual runner. They are now owned by K-Swiss and found around the globe.


Supra Footwear approached Use All Five in Spring 2015 looking to optimize their extensive advertising setup on Google Adwords and Facebook. After a few weeks, we realized that the amount of people searching for their brand was on the decline, and advertising revenue was at a standstill.


I freed a small portion of the ad budget by pausing lower performing campaigns and opened new channels on Twitter, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Outbrain, and Youtube. There I promoted Supra’s excellent skate and lifestyle content to new eyes. With the existing setup, we updated landing pages, wrote and translated new ads for U.S. and international campaigns, and tightened remarketing campaign targeting on Facebook.


In the first 6 months, e-commerce conversion rates increased 21% year over year. In 2015, for every 1 dollar spent in Google Adwords, the average return was $4.64. Supra is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with Decade X throughout late 2016, and we are optimistic about the coming year.